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With sssInstagram, you can download high-quality photos and videos without any limits. You can download Videos, Photos, Stories, and album posts with multiple mixed-media files.
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Instagram Downloader Features

Download Instagram Photos

If you use our downloader, you can be sure that you get the highest quality. We provide links for the original images, not resized ones. The one-click to download the files!

Download Instagram Videos

We also support downloading videos from Instagram. It is as easy as downloading pictures: insert the link and hit the "Download" button.

Story saver from Instagram

With our story saver, you can download any Instagram story quickly. Please don’t lose your favorite stories because of their 24 hours availability. Download them for later watching.

Carousel download

Some Instagram posts include up to 10 pictures and videos. You can download them all with a single click. All you have to do is copy and paste the link.

Download photos and videos from Instagram online

Instagram video downloader for saving media files anonymously! You can use it for downloading unlimited amounts of videos, photos, along with our story saver; all you need is a web browser. Instagram is a popular network for capturing life moments. Almost every third owner of the iPhone or Android device has this app installed. After all, everyone has something to show!

The Instagram app doesn't offer features to save people's photos, stories, or videos despite all the advantages. The solution is to save Instagram photos, videos, stories and keep them on the phone or PC, is our Instagram downloader and Story Saver. Many people are interested and ask such questions: 'How to save photos and videos from Instagram?'. Our website offers you such an opportunity: you can download any number of photos and videos from Instagram!

Download instagram videos and photos online

Instagram Story Saver

Story Saver is on duty for helping you to save any story on your device, do not lose any of them. Keep them and return to watching when you need them, without worries that they can be lost forever.

If you want to save some photos or videos, you need to copy the link of the post and paste it in the field on the main page of our website. Then click the 'Download' button. Everything is effortless!

Many post type supported

sssInstagram supports many posts types for downloading. We can help you save stories, Reels, IGTV, Photos, Videos, and Carousels.

Reels videos it's a new type you can watch on Instagram. With the help of our website, you can download Reels video without any limits. Carousel post format, also called Album, Collection, or posts with mixed media content, can also be downloaded to your device. Download multiple photos or videos with no limits.