How to download Instagram multiple pictures online -

How to download multiple Instagram photos?

You can download multiple pictures in a single post using our website. Just copy the link and paste it here

Instagram presented a new feature recently. From now on you can upload up to 10 pictures or videos and save them in a sigle post. When you save it, you will see the first photo or video with a row of dots in the feed. People can swipe to see the rest of the pictures. Only few online downloaders allow you to save all pictures, which are included in the post. Most of them save only the first one. That is why we created our service which has no limitations. You can save all 10 pictures by pasting one link.


How to save multiple picturs from Instagram?

Copy a post link which contains multiple pictures, then paste the link on the main page and press 'Download'. That's it!

Please, make sure that:

  • you paste a full link
  • your link contains ID of the publication (link www.instagram/p/ThIsIsID/)
  • account of the photo owner is public.